Build a Grow Box for Germination

A germination grow box is a good idea for anyone growing with hydroponics, or anyone growing indoors, for that matter. When growing with hydroponics, it is much easier and you will have far more success if your plants are properly germinated and then transplanted into the desired hydroponic setup. A germination box is essentially an enclosed system which allows for increased humidity. This is always paramount for seeds to germinate and develop into seedlings. It provides a healthy start for roots.
Here we have an easy guide showing you how to make a simple germination grow box.

– 18 to 25-gallon tote container with lid
– Four T5 fluorescent bulbs (with housing unit)
– Two 6”fans (computer fans work great)
– 3” or 4” deep propagation tray
– Rockwool cubes
– Thermostat
– Hydrometer
– Zip ties (large and small)
– Screws for mounting lighting
– Drill
– Flat white paint
– Box cutter
– Marker
– Ruler or tape measure

1. With your materials ready, it’s time to start construction. Start by laying the lid on the floor and placing the fluorescent lighting unit in the middle of the lid, on the inside.
2. Using screws, secure the lighting to the inside of the lid. Make sure that it is well secured.
3. Take a box cutter and cut a small ½” – 1” hole in the side of the lid to be used for any power cords.
4. Measure the fans and, using those measurements, outline the diameter of the fans on the tote container – one on the lid and another centered on one of the sides.
5. Take your box cutter and cut the outline out, carefully. When this is done, place a fan in the hole and make sure it fits nice and snug and then remove – we will install the fans later.
6. Once the fan holes are complete, you can start applying the paint. Paint the entire inside of the container, and let it dry completely before continuing.
7. Install both fans in the holes you just made. The fan on the lid should be blowing outwards, and the other inwards – this needs to be correct for your system to work correctly.
8. Make two very small holes on either side of the fans and, using some zip ties, tightly secure the fans in place as an extra precaution for the fans’ stability.
9. In order to install your thermometer and hydrometer to the grow box make a place for both of them, preferably together on one of the far sides. Make two small holes for each instrument for the zip ties which will be used to secure them in place.
10. Now place your thermometer and hydrometer in the middle of the holes and secure.
11. Place your rockwool cubes inside of the propagation tray and place the tray into the bottom of the grow box.

That’s it – you’re done! All you really have to do now is plant some seeds or cuttings into the cubes and water the tray regularly. This is a very effective germination grow box and no hydroponic grower should go without one.