Find the Best Hydroponic Supplies

If you want to find the best hydroponic supplies, then the first thing you will need to do is educate yourself on exactly what you need. The most important and essential supplies are nutrients, growing medium, and pest control products. There are a number of little odds and ends as well, but these are the most important hydroponic supplies needed.

Because soil is not present within a hydroponics system, nutrient solutions are required to provide what the plants would normally have in a soil-based system. Nutrients come in a wide range of products such as organic, non-organic, sea-based plant food and many more. Hydroponic nutrients are specifically designed to give the plant exactly what it needs to grow to its full potential – no more and no less. There are nutrients available for the many different stages of plant life and a secondary nutrient can be given in conjunction with your regular nutrient. Secondary nutrients include grow big nutrients, bloom enhancer nutrients and so on. When growing with hydroponics, you always want to have at least one kind of nutrient for the vegetative stage and another for the flowering stage of plant life. I would recommend that you thoroughly understand the nature of any supplemental nutrients you wish to use before applying. Mixing the wrong kind of nutrients together or using the wrong amount could devastate the plants which you have worked so hard to grow.

Growing Medium
This is what your plants are going to be growing in, and it is always a good idea to keep extra on hand. Growth mediums come in so many varieties that you find it hard to decide which one is right for you. Personally, I would recommend getting the medium which is most recommended for your specific system. However, don’t worry that you have to stick to just one kind of medium – it is actually quite common for hydroponic growers to have multiple growing mediums on hand. Here are some of the most popular growing mediums available:
• Rockwool
• Perlite
• Expandable clay pellets
• Oasis cubes
• Vermiculite
• Sand
• Sphagnum moss
• Coconut fiber

Pest Control
Even when growing through hydroponics, and not having any soil present, you could still end up with a bit of a pest problem within a hydroponic garden. The most effective type of store-bought pest control products are foliar sprays. There are also organic sprays available as well as non-organic ones. Going organic is never a bad idea and organic sprays work just as well as the sprays containing chemicals. You can buy these pest control produces at any garden store or online. This hydroponic supply should always be in anyone’s indoor garden, even if you’ve never had a pest problem, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

There is also a solution for widespread infestation if sprays don’t work which requires “bombing” the grow room. This actually fumigates the entire room. Bombing a room is ONLY recommended when all other options and hydroponic supplies have been exhausted.

There are a number of products which can be called hydroponic supplies, but the ones listed here are among the most critical and should be sought after first and foremost.