How Does Aeroponics Work

Aeroponics is essentially the process of cultivating plants without the use of soil; instead the plants are thriving in an air environment. When comparing hydroponics and aeroponics, some of the basic principles are similar but one thing is distinctive, aeroponics does not use a growing medium. This is mainly due to the fact that an aeroponics system uses water to distribute the nutrients. This method of growing usually consists of a type of hydroponics, and in some ways, it is.

The main principle behind how aeroponics works is that it grows plants which are suspended in a partly closed/fully enclosed system. With the roots being suspended, a nutrient-rich water solution is sprayed or misted onto the roots. This kind of nutrient delivery is 60% more efficient than standard hydroponics systems as it allows for optimal oxygen saturation in the roots as well as receiving an abundant supply of nutrients. For any plant to grow to its full potential, it is absolutely imperative that the root system receives a well-balanced amount of oxygen and water/nutrient solution. The reason why aeroponics and hydroponic systems work so well over soil-based systems is that the water is allowed to sit in the soil for a while before drying up and receiving oxygen to the roots. With aeroponics and hydroponics, the watering that is distributed is precisely how much the plant needs and an abundance of oxygen is supplied. This kind of water/nutrient and oxygen plant feeding is far superior to growing with soil as you can see.

Generally, when growing with aeroponics, your garden will be free of pests and harmful diseases which are often present in a traditional garden. However, depending on the location of your aeroponics system, pests and diseases may still pose a threat – it is -very important to do a thorough spot inspection of your system just to make sure. The roots systems in these systems are often very delicate, and could be fatal to your plants if something were to go wrong with your system. It is suggested to always have a backup hydroponic system just in case something goes wrong. When growing with aeroponics, you need to have everything down to a “T”, one of two miscalculations can stunt your plant growth, so it is critical to know your system, all of it components and to know what to do in case of an emergency.

What makes this type of growing system so amazing, though, is the method of oxygen delivery and nutrients. The combination of air circulation in the roots as well as receiving mini droplets of water will grow any plant to levels most people wouldn’t think possible with a growing system. It is no surprise that many growers are now switching to aeroponics due to the unique ability to saturate and aerate the roots thereby promoting amazing growth rate and yields.

Aeroponics is an amazing method of cultivation and is scientifically proven to get better results than any other method of growing.