How to Clean a Hydroponic System

Cleaning your hydroponic system at regular intervals is imperative for your plants to keep on growing strong and healthy. It takes some work to keep your hydroponic system clean, but the benefits are tremendous with a properly cleaned system. A hydroponic system which has not been thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis will start to develop algae, fungus and other diseases which could then start to spread to the rest of your plants. It is also important to keep an eye on any nutrient solution build up as, if left unchecked, it can eventually clog your system when it then becomes extremely hard to fix.

The best way to clean your hydroponic system is with bleach – it is sterile and kills all germs and bacteria. Bleach is the most effect cleaning solution when it comes to cleaning hydroponic systems due to its disinfecting power. Another plus in using bleach is that most people already have it in their laundry room, immediately saving time and money.
A thorough cleaning should be done every three to four weeks. If you take your time and do things right, you will always have a clean and healthy hydroponic garden. If an active hydroponic system is not cleaned regularly, it only gets more difficult to clean the next time around, so it’s always better to lightly (and even better, thoroughly) clean your system now than to have to really clean hard to accomplish the same results.

Maintaining an active hydroponic system takes work and dedication and, when it is time to clean your system, the work part comes in. Most people put this off and procrastinate forever and never end up getting it done which is a critical mistake most people make and is one of the main reasons why a hydroponic garden goes bad – due to improper maintenance.
• Start by removing all plants from your system and put them aside.

• Add one to two tablespoons of bleach to your system and let it run though for about an hour or so.
• Drain all the water from the reservoir and wipe off any algae or other substances from the sides.
• Make sure there is no build up of any kind in or around the irrigation openings or within the tubing. If there is build up, simply run some bleach solution through it until it is removed.
• Connect all the irrigation tubes and everything else back together, connect up your air stones, replace anything which needs replacing and put your system back together.
• Refill the reservoir and add the required nutrients (in the correct amount) and plug everything in.
• Run the newly added water/nutrient solution throughout your system for another hour or two before adding your plants.
• Add your plants back to your hydroponic system.’

By performing this cleaning regime every few weeks, you can maximize your plant’s health and growth by keeping the water clean and clear. This regime helps to ensure that you will have a clean, sanitized and super-efficient running system at all times. When a hydroponic system is properly clean, you can definitely notice the difference in the way your system runs, and your plants will notice, too.