How to Clone Hydroponic Plants and Transplant

Cloning your plants, or what is commonly referred to as cuttings, is an amazing way to take a “cutting” off a plant and to then be able to grow the cutting. Done properly, you could take this cutting and grow a fully mature copy of the plant it was taken from. This is an extraordinary method to use when growing hydroponically allowing you to take a small batch of one of your top quality crops and clone it which, in turn, could grow to double or more than what you started with.

Taking cuttings from plants can be a little complicated when first attempting it, and it takes very special care to get the clone up and going once cut.
When hydroponic farming, making clones could be the key to your success, and here we will give you some general tips on clones and beyond.

The first thing you should do is some research and find out where the best place is to take a cutting for cloning for your particular plant. Different plants clone best from different places, but cuttings are usually always taken near the plant nodes or branches.

1. With a thoroughly cleaned (or new) razor blade, or even very sharp scissors, make a cut at an angle.

2. Then quickly place the cutting in a starter growing medium such as rockwool cubes.

3. Put the clone in a humidity dome, or germination box. At this point, don’t put it directly into your hydroponic system as there are no roots to be fed and thus will die pretty quickly. The goal here is to get the surrounding environment for the clones very high in humidity as this moisture in the air will be their only source of water for a few days or so.

4. The next seven days will be critical and the cutting must be kept properly moist at all times in order to stay healthy until the root develops.

5. After seven to ten days, you should start to see root development and increased growth – this is a good sign.

6. Keep them where they are for another three to four days until there is prolific root growth coming from the bottom.

7. Transplant into your hydroponic farming system.

8. Carefully place the clone into the growing medium used in your hydroponic system, if using rockwool, this can easily be transplanted into any system.

9. Once you got all your clones in place, it is good idea to mist them with water a few times a day, just for a few more days.

Here are just a few things to keep in mind when taking clones:
• Always use a sterile blade or scissors – if a dirty blade is used, the chances for survival are cut drastically as the open wound on the plant will allow disease to spread.
• From the time you take the cutting to approximately two weeks later (i.e. 10 to 13 days), it is very important to keep the cuttings moist at all times. If the clone is allowed to get too dry, it will quickly start to die as its only source of water and nutrients is the amount you give it.
• When transplanting to a hydroponic farming system, always makes sure the roots are big enough for them to properly receive the nutrient solution in the system. If the roots are too short, then wait an additional few days for the roots to develop more.