Hydroponic Grow Room Advice

An indoor grow room can be just about anywhere, from a small closet or box to a full bedroom or garage. Even though you may have found the “perfect” spot for your hydroponic garden, there are some things that need to be taken into consideration before (and during) the construction of an indoor grow room. Among the most important things to keep in mind are the aspects surrounding the temperature and humidity, air exchange, grow lights and pest control.

Temperature and humidity
Temperature is critical when considering how a grow room should be set up. The best place for a grow room is generally on a ground floor next to a basement. Temperature and humidity is relatively easy to control – if temperatures rise too high, all you have to do is add extra ventilation fans and the temperature will lower. If you want to increase the humidity levels in the room, just fill up a few 5 gallon buckets of water and place near your hydroponic garden and the humidity will quickly rise. If you need to lower your humidity, just increase the air flow through the room.

Air exchange
The atmosphere in your hydroponic grow room is very important when cultivating indoors. In order for healthy growth, you must have fresh air coming in and spent, hot air drawn out of the room. It is always a great idea to have more than two fans, possibly three to five. In addition to the in/out ventilation fans, one or more fans should be blowing directly onto the plants so that you can always see the foliage moving a little. This will allow for maximum oxygen intake and it also toughens up the stalk and branch of each plant for an overall larger stature.

Grow lights
Grow lights have to be the single most important aspect of running a hydroponic garden – without the lighting there is nothing. You generally want the lighting to be placed well below a celling in order to allow for proper heath distribution and prevent any heat issue that may arise. However, a lot of people also wonder, “How close do I put my grow lights to my plants”? The answer is simple – hold your hand under the lamp where the plants will be located, and if your hand gets uncomfortably hot, then it is probably too hot for your plants and should be moved farther away.

Pest Control
Pests can quickly become a problem in a hydroponic garden if left unchecked. It is very important to thoroughly clean your growing room/area regularly. Make sure the floors are especially clean as this is how a lot of pests creep into your garden. You don’t always have to spray pesticides on your plants to prevent or take care of the problem. Another great idea is to purchase sticky fly traps and hang them around your grow room. Doing something this minimal can have a huge effect on a pest problem and its prevention.