Hydroponic Grow Tent

A hydroponic grow tent is hugely popular with indoor hydroponic growers everywhere. This is mainly due to the fact that the environment can be completely controlled allowing you to regulate the conditions in which the plants are growing. Using a grow tent makes a lot of sense as you can also easily control the humidity level, temperature levels, and light cycles. This means that you can insure that no light source outside of your set temperature levels are allowed to disrupt your plants’ growth. A grow tent also allows you to do away with all the clutter of growing equipment as everything is nicely contained within the tent.

When purchasing a grow tent you want to look for some specific details just to make sure you are getting a quality tent. Some of the most important things you want in a grow tent are: reflective interior walls for maximum light reflectivity, a heavy, thick material so it will last, ventilation holes for running exhaust fans in and out and also, just as important, you always want to have more than enough space to meet your growing needs.

Lighting in a grow tent is a major factor to consider when buying one – you can put multiple grow lights inside without rays escaping out which would normally make the room you grow in uncomfortably bright. Most plants also need at least some amount of dark hours to rest while promoting root development. When in an open room, this dark light cycle absolutely cannot be disrupted or you risk the plant growth being stunted. However, when growing in a tent, you can easily keep unwanted light out so as to not disturb the sleep time of your plants which, in turn, would have them confused over the lighting cycles, slowing their growth and, in some cases, ruining them altogether.

Grow tents are an excellent option for people just getting started in growing indoors and who want to be able to easily control the environment. It is also equally suitable for seasoned growers who just want to upgrade their indoor garden. Grow tents usually come with everything you will need, so there is no need to buy extra supplies in relation to the tent itself.
Grow tents come in many sizes and features but the main thing you need to bear in mind when selecting one is the space you are going to need together with any extra features which may or may not be of use to you, and the price –some can get very expensive but most are very reasonably priced.
Benefits and advantages of a hydroponic grow tent:

• Tents are made of heavy duty materials able to withstand the test of time
• Most tents come with at least 90% or more reflective material lined on the inside
• Waterproof
• Most tents now come with multiple vents for easy installation of exhaust fans and/or wiring
• Setup only takes minutes
• Grow tents, in combination with good lighting and hydroponics, are able to give enormous yields due to the highly efficient environment created inside

A hydroponic grow tent is a great idea for anyone growing at home who wants to maximize their yields with little effort due to the enclosed, controlled environment.