Hydroponic Supplies

When operating a hydroponic system, whether you’ve built your own or purchased one, you are going to need a variety of hydroponic supplies to keep your system running smoothly and without fail. Hydroponic supplies can be anything from miscellaneous tools to items which will eventually need to be replaced. Having the right supplies in your hydroponic system can make all the difference in whether or not you have a successful garden.

Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing supplies is that the cost can quickly mount up and for those growers on a limited budget, this could turn into a big problem. It is wise to get your essential supplies first and then build up the remainder of what you require over time.

Now we are going to go over some essential supplies you will need and some that may not be as essential but will certainly be beneficial.

Nutrients are a must-have for all hydroponic systems. It is your plants’ food and, without nutrients, they would not do so well or die all together. There are countless different varieties of nutrients and brands but, as long as you have a general nutrient product for the vegetative stage and flowering or bloom stage, you will be just fine.

It is always good to have at least one extra bulb in stock of whatever kind of lighting you are using in case of a blow out of your bulb. The absence of light for too long a period of time could be disastrous to a crop so make sure you always have an extra bulb.

Pest Control Products
Even when growing indoors in a hydroponic system free of soil, you still may get an insect problem within your garden. The types of pest control come in many different forms bu the one you choose really depends on what you require. These types range from sticky traps and aerosol sprays to predatory insects placed within the garden to ward off harmful insects.

Growing Medium
Whatever growing medium you choose to use in your hydroponic system, it is always a good idea to have some extra on hand in case you decide to add more plants at a later time. You may also find that some plants may need a little extra medium for further stability.

Spare Hydroponic System Parts
This basically refers to any parts pertaining to the hydroponic system itself which may need replacing in the future. These could be any of the following: irrigation tubes, air stones, floatable trays, air pumps or anything else which will eventually need to be replaced. However, at this point, it isn’t worth purchasing an extra air or water pump as these tend to last for a very long time and rarely need to be changed.

Thermometer and Hydrometer
These items are very important when maintaining an indoor garden and, with some hydroponic systems, the temperature and humidity can have a direct effect on how often the water pumps should be activated. You can get both of these items very cheap from most vendors but purchasing them is a must and should be one of the first things on a hydroponic grower’s supply list.

PH PPM EC Meters/Testers
Each of these meters or testers gives you specific readings of different levels in your system. They are non-essential but, if you want your plants to reach their maximum potential, then they can play a very important part in your hydroponic system.

There are many other minor supplies which will be needed throughout a hydroponic garden’s lifetime, but these are just the basics of what supplies should come first.